Black and White are commited to minimising our impact on the environment, thereby helping our customers to do the same.

  • Hybrid vehicle fleet
  • Energy efficient office
  • Responsible recycling and waste mangement strategy
  • 100% carbon offset on all journeys
  • Rainwater harvesting initiative

Our carbon offset investments are biased towards investment in new technology projects that will provide sustainable power without reliance on fossil fuels.  Providing an economic market demand for these technologies has a long term benefit to the environment that far outweighs just the initial emissions saving.

The innovative rainwater harvesting initiative at our office saves over 10 tonnes of fresh water every year, that would have otherwise been used to clean and maintain vehicles.

Having acheived a near paperless office environment, our ongoing efforts in recycling and waste management provide every improving reductions in our carbon footprint.

We avoid producing waste wherever possible, and dipose of any unrecycleable waste we do produce responsibly.

We have an ongoing commitment to recycling and can provide rubbish clearance in Northampton

We are adding new hybrid vehicles to our fleet regulary, to ensure that our overall fleet emmissions are reducing all the time.  BMW Efficient Dynamics vehicles ensure that our VIP fleet also acheives the lowest possible emmissions, and meets the highest standards for total life cost for this class of fleet.